Learned League – Shayne

Imagine that someone comes up to you at a party and asks the usual small talk question “What do you do for a living?” If you’re today’s guest, Shayne Bushfield, the answer is something along the lines of “I created and run an online competitive trivia league with tens of thousands of members.” Definitely notContinue reading “Learned League – Shayne”

Cirque du Soleil – Katy

Cirque du Soleil – the name conjures up images of fantastically dressed acrobats flying through the air, twisting themselves into unfathomable shapes, and creating a unique mix of art, performance, music, and clowning that takes you out of your everyday life. Today I have the pleasure of interviewing Katy Holtkamp, a singer with Cirque duContinue reading “Cirque du Soleil – Katy”

Hobby – Preserving

If you’re like me, you get an inordinate amount of joy and satisfaction from having a well-stocked pantry and freezer, probably due to some lingering effects of having grandparents who survived a World War and passed their scarcity mindset down. The feeling of pride is even greater when some of that food is something thatContinue reading “Hobby – Preserving”

Hobby – Rock Climbing

It’s hard to even call climbing a hobby.  It’s more of an obsession—an addiction, that, like all compulsions, has its share of ups and downs.  Luckily, my time spent climbing has been more characterized by the former than the latter. I have been climbing for twenty-odd years now.  I started before the Olympics, before DawnContinue reading “Hobby – Rock Climbing”

International Diplomacy – Lindsay

**I’m travelling currently so please bear with me regarding any technical difficulties.** Today I’m talking with Lindsay Harrison about her career as an international diplomat! While you may not see her speaking from a podium at the G7 summit, her work as an American Foreign Service Officer supports Americans living and traveling abroad, as wellContinue reading “International Diplomacy – Lindsay”

Directing Movies – Chris #3

Though movie stars may get tons of recognition, everyone knows that the true power in filmmaking sits in the director’s chair. Today, I’m talking with film director Chris Lang about his work in films and how he’s made his way up the ladder through various departments to develop his own vision and bring that visionContinue reading “Directing Movies – Chris #3”