I Want You! (To Give Me Feedback)

The Audience Asks

Do you have a burning question for a previously interviewed guest? Do you want an update from a particular interview? Submit your question here on the website and it may be featured on an upcoming Audience Asks segment, where we have a quick check-in or follow-up with someone who appeared earlier on the show!

Want to Suggest a Topic or Guest?

Have you always wanted to learn more about a thrilling, weird, or mysterious job? Do you know someone who would be a great interview subject? Feel free to reach out with suggested topics or the name and contact information for potential guests (with their permission, of course). This show isn’t limited to interviewing people who are experts in things I’ve tried – I’m happy to feature the various interests of my fellow dabblers!

General Comments and Suggestions Welcome!

This podcast is a work in progress and that means I’m looking for feedback from you, my listeners! Tell me what you love, what you don’t, and any new ideas you have, things I might not have considered yet. Many heads are better than one and listener feedback is invaluable to an evolving project like My Dilettante Life.

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