Meet the Team: Ivy Bean

It’s time to meet some of the folks behind the My Dilettante Life podcast. Today we’re featuring the podcast’s model and mascot, Ivy Bean! Hailing from the home of microbrews, fleece, and Nike (i.e., Portland, OR) Ivy has been living the high life in southern Germany since 2019. Between snuggling on the couch and zooming around the yard, this pup provides her humans with entertainment and joy. Don’t let the MDL logo fool you – Ivy cannot actually balance one tennis ball on her nose, much less three. She does, however, possess the world’s wiggliest butt – seriously, they could power a city with her tush. It’s hard to capture her in photos due to her tendency to move as soon as a camera appears, but here’s a smattering of shots that show Ivy at her cutest and sweetest.

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