Meet the Team: Julli

Everyone who’s ever produced a podcast knows that the person behind the mic is just as important as anyone sitting in front of it. That brings us to the man who makes My Dilettante Life sound amazing: Julli Einarsson! Each episode requires him to painstakingly comb through recordings, snipping and editing to showcase the best nuggets contained in the interviews. Not to mention the masterpiece that is the podcast opening intro – all of those voices seamlessly blended together courtesy of Julli.

A total geek, metalhead, and an avid reader of many genres, Julli is also a musician and an audiofreak and likes to dabble in technology. Currently living in Austria, Julli has traveled far and wide and has lived in 7 different countries for the past 15 years. It has been a wild ride that seems to not want to stop. Today, Julli is working towards certifications in IT Business Management and ServiceNow platform, not much metal there but hey, it’s a living.

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