Meet the Team: Hana

Remember how awkward it was to write college essays, or cover letters? Well, writing a witty and insightful podcast profile of yourself feels pretty much the same. With that said, here goes:

I’m Hana, the dilettante of the podcast’s title. After years of wandering among various hobbies and jobs, I decided it was time to add another item to the list of things I’ve dabbled in – podcasting! Given that I have friends with cool and unusual careers AND that I can’t seem to stick to one career path, the idea for My Dilettante Life began to take shape in 2021. At first, I thought about interviewing professionals who do things I’ve already tried, but expanding my scope to encompass any interesting job allows me to talk to all sorts of cool folks. I mean, I’ve never thought about writing a cookbook or directing movies, but both sound absolutely fascinating.

“From New Mexico to Beratzhausen” in the local paper, featuring your favorite podcast host!

As for me, I’m both short and short-sighted, an annoying younger sister and cool aunt, an erstwhile social worker and occasional editor. Born and raised in New Mexico, with stints in Oregon, France, Miami, and both Washingtons (State and D.C.), I currently live in Bavaria, Germany, with my husband and our previously featured dog-model Ivy. I miss spicy food and American snark, but enjoy having a part-time cafe job with full benefits and neighbors who are passionate about gardening and good beer. Recently, I became a local celebrity with a profile in the regional newspaper (behind a paywall – and of course I made sure to mention My Dilettante Life, increasing my German audience about 1000%.

As always, I love getting feedback on the podcast, which you can submit here. If you like My Dilettante Life, the best compliment is to recommend the podcast to others!

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