Ballet and Biomechanics – Leigh

Today’s episode features a conversation with Leigh Schanfein, a professional freelance ballet dancer and biomechanics scientist. Her career has included dancing for Hannibal Burress, teaching ballet in Montana, and conducting research at the Harkness Center for Dance Injuries at NYU. Whether changing costumes in a park or being a role model for her fellow tall ballerinas, Leigh approaches her career with an adventurous spirit and shares some of her insights with us. This seventh episode brings Season 1 to a close, but don’t worry! My Dilettante Life will be back with more interesting guests and unusual jobs in Season 2, starting next month.

Check out Leigh on Instagram @leighschanfein

Photo credits: Omar Balbuena, Tristan Pope, Eric Bandiero for BalaSole Dance Co., Jacob Pritchard

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